Sunday, May 13, 2018

How many moms....

.... get what they want for Mother's Day, without asking for it? Not sure, but this Mama did!

Sometimes you just need something to keep your hands busy, even while doing other tasks. Or something that will help you relax when you have a little stress. I had been eyeing moldable sand for quite a while, but every time I would think about buying it, I'd think about what a frivolous purchase it would be, and I'd change my mind. But obviously, my child(ren) has(have) been paying attention, because this is what I received this year:

Yes, my own personal sandbox! Complete with rocks and a couple of gardening tools!

Zakir stained the box for her, and Safa added the embellishments, to make it just perfect for me. And it is full of no-mess sand! I will have so much fun with this, and picture myself enjoying it for a long time.

Mother's Day is always bittersweet, without my mom here with us. But I am still so blessed to have my mother-in-law and Choti Ammi, and to myself be the mother of three wonderful children.

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