Monday, April 16, 2018


It’s after one am in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, while I have been lying here, trying to get some sleep for the past 3 hours or so. Sleep is being elusive tonight. I just completed my second day, working at the HOPE Foundation’s clinic, at the Rohingya refugee camp. I am wide awake, although tired, with thoughts of the day spinning through my head. It was a busy day.... filled with the faces of many refugees, and a few locals, who are in need of medical care for a variety of problems, both acute, and chronic. I saw the faces of those who have been through more adversity in the last year or so, than anyone should go through in a lifetime. From the widow who witnessed the murder of her husband and is struggling to care for her four children alone in a country that is not her own, to the elderly man, whose asthma is so severe that he struggles to take a pause from his coughing..... made all the worse with the dust that is blown up with every step one takes, and the smoke that swirls, since lighting a fire is the only way one can prepare a meal.

Through the sadness and adversity, I also saw hope, an amazing resilience that these folks reflect, in spite of the displacement, the poverty, and disease. There were the faces of children, laughing, playing, just as children should; the rays of sunshine that make the days worthwhile, and bring hope for the future.

I will be sharing photos of these beautiful people soon, and sharing the stories that I can, because it is important for the world to know what they are experiencing. Honestly, my words could never do justice to their plight, and I’m sure my photos won’t be a full reflection of their experience, but I want them to know that they are not forgotten.

I want to have touched the heart of at least one suffering person today, that is all I hope and pray for. Please donate generously to their cause. I can see the amazing work being done here, and there is so much more to be accomplished. As we go about our day, never even pausing to wonder where the next meal might come from, please remember that there are many who do have to worry about what might seem mundane to us, just for their survival. The donation link is at the bottom of this post.


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