Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Growing fast, but holding on

So sweet that my ten year old still asks me to come to school to eat lunch with him. I'm not sure how long it will last, but I plan to enjoy it while I can. I met this guy for Valentine's Day lunch today:

Bilal will be headed to middle school next year, and I'm pretty sure parents don't typically show up for lunch with their child in sixth grade or above. So I don't have many more opportunities left. I will certainly be back before the end of the school year!

Next week is curriculum night at the middle school, the first step towards the transition to a new school. It seems hard to believe that, effective June 2017, I will no longer have a child left in elementary school. Despite the adversities we have faced with his health (open heart surgery at two months of age, followed by two surgeries to treat his chronic sinusitis, and dealing with his asthma), it seems as if the years have flown by. Each milestone is bittersweet; losing my baby, but gaining a respectful, maturing young man as a son instead.

Love you sweet baby boy!

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