Saturday, October 29, 2016

Playing catch up

I'm so far behind on blogging, so I thought I'd just share a few photos of the past month or two, in (somewhat) chronological order. How far behind? The boys haven't been in the pool for several weeks, but here you go, this is the last dip before the start of fall:

Although, honestly, the pool is probably still not too cold, considering we hit a record high of 86 degrees yesterday!

Hat day at school in support of the United Way. Bilal is sporting his squid hat:

A weekend trek down to the Cahaba River:

Can you tell how low the water is in the river? The kids are actually walking on the river bed. Currently we are dealing with a severe drought in Alabama. In fact, I don't think it has rained in our area, in about 2 months, at least, not enough to be detectable. There is a ban on outdoor burns and there have been several wildfires in the area. We have also given up on watering our lawn.

Just about a week ago, this is unseasonably warm, even for Alabama!

Morning game of Lego Star Wars and a delicious cup of tea:

A lunch time treat with the nephews, on the way back home from Sunday School last week:

On Monday we attended the Open House at Paine Elementary School; the new construction is finally complete. This is Bilal standing in front of the new centralized office, linking the North and South Campuses of the school:

And with our awesome fifth grade tour guides, inside the new library:

Annual costume party at the dojo. If you can identify my kid in the group, you'll see that he wore the most creative costume (NOT!), his karate gi. He decided to go to the karate costume party as a black belt:

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