Saturday, May 14, 2016

Senior year is wrapping up

With Science Fair and the ASFA Math/Science symposium behind us, the pre-graduation activities continue. Last week Hamza wrapped up his AP exams. Today was the Math/Science Senior parent luncheon at the Birmingham Public Library. It was a great great event where the students honored (and poked a little fun at) the M/S Department faculty, and the teachers had the opportunity to do a bit of the same. With a graduating class of only twenty-two,  it's a pretty close group of students.

The teachers shared excerpts from the students' eighth grade application essays, and everyone had a chance to guess which student they belonged to. Then the students were presented with very thoughtful graduation gifts, including this book, with notes from the M/S faculty pasted inside:

It is an adorable picture book, with a surprisingly poignant message. Mrs. Chin, the department head presented the gifts.

There are two finals left for next week, followed by the Mu Alpha Theta lunch for the inducted members. Thursday is Honors Day and that leaves graduation, which is scheduled for Friday. Then a long, relaxing summer, before Hamza starts college in the fall. We are so proud of the young man that he has become; he has matured a lot during his five years at ASFA. Best choice of high school for him by far!


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