Monday, May 16, 2016

I want this one to stick!

I am not an athletic person, and am pretty sure that I never will be, but I know it is important to get in shape for health reasons. So recently, when Safa took up a running challenge, I decided to give it a try too, although at a pace and schedule that is a lot more protracted that hers. I enjoy walking, and a brisk walk will do me wonders, but it does not challenge me to become healthier. And I'm pretty sure that the thirty or so minutes of cardio I get in the gym once or twice a week is not doing a lot to get me on track either. I admit though, it's better than nothing!

My downfall is carbohydrates, particularly desserts. The worst thing I can do for myself in my 40s, is to indulge in sweets on a regular basis, and remain quite sedentary. Not a good combination. Thinking that getting more active, plus perhaps cutting a wee back on my carbs will give me license to enjoy guilt-free, what I do consume.

So I am taking on something that I have never done in my life, and that is run. Or so far, limp! Because about a week into the program, all I feel is pain. I get winded, my legs ache, I don't feel great. And the reasons to quit trying seem so many more than the reasons to continue! But today I was particularly proud of myself. While Safa is enjoying spending time with her cousins in Atlanta and Auburn, I took Hamza along with me instead, although it seemed like a perfect excuse not to go! My son doesn't love running, but he does like it enough to want to run periodically. Plus, the exercise helps him get faster for playing Ultimate Frisbee, which is his new favorite activity. So today, between spells of brisk walking, I ran panting behind my seventeen year old, while he looked more like he was out for an afternoon stroll. Not very encouraging, I admit, although he was in no way trying to outrun me.

Tomorrow we plan to hit the gym together; using the elliptical cross trainer is something that even my sedentary self enjoys, and then, as long as I haven't given up by then, we will be back running/walking outside on Wednesday.

I think I can... I think I can...


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