Saturday, May 21, 2016

Honors Day at ASFA

ASFA's Class of 2016 Seniors were honored at their Honor's Day. The program started with a few words from the Executive Director, followed by awards presented by specialty.

In the case of dance, theater, visual arts, creative writing and music, there were no more than 10 graduating students each, so they were called up on stage to be recognized. However, the Math and Science specialty has more than twice as many students, so they stood up for recognition, and only select awards were presented on stage.

There was also a skit made by the juniors for the graduating class, as well as a slide show of all the seniors, with 4 photos each, from baby pictures, to their senior portraits. Of course, that slideshow generated the most 'oos' and 'aas'.

After the program, the math and science students got together for one more group picture, before wrapping up for the day.

Next up, graduation.


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