Thursday, May 26, 2016

Graduation time!

Five years of a rigorous math and science curriculum at the Alabama School of Fine Arts ends in this! High school graduation at the beautiful and historic Alabama Theater, located just a few blocks from Hamza's high school, in Downtown Birmingham. Friday, May 20th was the big day. Getting ready to head out, in his graduation cap and gown:

In front of the theater:

Once inside, the graduates went to prepare for their walk on to the stage, while we waited to be seated.

Inside the theater the ASFA orchestra performed, as we waited for the seniors to file in.

The seniors stood on stage amidst applause from friends and family:

As you can see, there is no uniformity among what is worn to graduation at ASFA. The front row was represented by a rainbow of colors. Caps and gowns are actually not even required, although many students, like Hamza, chose the traditional black. That is quite the representation of a fine arts school, for sure.

Prior to distribution of the diplomas, the choir performed for the audience.

After the keynote address, by an ASFA alum, the ED presented the diplomas

Such a proud, and emotional moment to see Hamza come to the front to receive his diploma.

After the ceremony was complete and the students filed out, the street in front of the theater was blocked off by the police, so that everyone could regroup and take pictures.

Here is Hamza with one of his favorite math teachers. She had many complimentary things to say about how he has matured during the five years at ASFA. Mrs. L is probably one of the most beloved teachers at the school.

And with Mrs. C, the head of the Math and Science department:

And the outside of the Alabama Theater by night, as the crowds started to thin:

We followed the program with a delicious dinner at the nearby Fish Market Restaurant. A great end to a wonderful evening!


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