Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The kid's got a plan!

Zakir and Bilal have worked out a deal where he will get paid $5 for washing the cars, maximum once a week. So despite my skepticism, I let him experiment on my car first. My poor car doesn't get washed often, but when it does, I expect it to pass the white glove test. And with all the pollen in the air this spring, I doubted it was going to happened.

He gathered his supplies, and got to work.

Even wiped down the interior!

And although it may not have been white glove ready, by the time he was done, the car definitely looked sparkling clean! My assessment? He earned his $5 on this one. He'll probably be tackling another car this weekend. He is looking forward to saving up and putting money towards a computer. Not sure if he's ready to get a computer yet, and that sounds like a lot of car washing, but he is ambitious! Honestly speaking, the money will probably be burning a hole in his pocket in a day or two. But we'll let him try!

In the evening we took the dog for a walk on a trail near our house. It winds around, and ends up by the high school, and part of it includes a pretty walk along the Cahaba River. The evening was perfect; the sun was still up, and it was just starting to get a tiny bit cool. A beautiful start to spring!

It was a new route for Atlas too, but he seemed to love it.

We will be taking the scenic route more often from here on!


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