Saturday, March 5, 2016

Regional Science Fair 2016

The senior research project is a requirement for graduation though Alabama School of Fine Arts' Math and Science program. Hamza has been working on his project since the end of summer, or the start of his senior year. He has spent many hours building and programming his drone, and today he participated in the Central Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CARSEF), hosted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He was already at UAB by 7:30 am.... a teenager who is rarely awake before 1pm on a weekend!

After setting up the posters, the students presented their projects to the judges. This was completed by noon, when everyone broke for lunch. They reassembled back at the Recreation Center at 3:30 and prepared for the awards ceremony. I, and many other parents, joined the students there in the afternoon. The judging was done by category: Chemistry, Math, Biomedical, Computer, Engineering, Behavioral and Social Sciences, etc. Hamza's entry was in Engineering. The students were also divided into Junior and Senior divisions, based on their grade level.

For the purposes of qualifying for the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF), the awards are presented to students with honorable mention, and third though first place in each category. The top three in each division qualify for the state science fair, and the top four in the senior division overall qualify directly for the International Fair in Phoenix, Arizona.

How did Hamza fare? Very well, I'm proud to say. He placed third in the Engineering category, senior division, and has qualified to participate in ASEF, to be hosted in Huntsville, Alabama, later this month. That happens to fall over Spring Break, so I'm glad that we had not made any long distance plans for the week that the kids will be out of school.

All that hard work paid off! There is still some tweaking and additional prep work to be done for the next science fair. I'm sure Hamza will be working on that over the next couple of weeks.


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