Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Car!

After driving the minivan as his primary car since getting his driver's license, we decided it was time for Hamza to get a new car for himself. We did most of the research, and narrowed it down to a Honda Civic, based on cost and safety features. They also depreciate at a lower rate than many other cars. Today we headed to Carmax, to check out the two cars we had reserved, a white and a blue Honda Civic, that essentially had the same features, and a few thousand miles difference. We have bought two used cars from Carmax in the past, and have had a good experience; we like the 'no haggle', fixed price policy.

With all else being almost equal, it came down to color. Hamza liked the blue car a lot better, so that's what we settled on. It really is a very nice blue, a much deeper color than my MINI. The purchase process itself went very smoothly, and we drove out with a new car within 90 minutes of us walking on to the showroom floor. That has to be the quickest car purchase we've ever made!

He is thrilled to have a car of his own, we are just hoping and praying that he remains a safe driver!


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