Monday, January 25, 2016

This little critter...

...has moved back to Auburn to be with her human. After spending a couple of months with us, she has finally gone home. It's oddly quiet in the house without her; it's amazing how much personality is packed into this little 1 pound ball of fur. I'm glad that Safa has her baby back, but we're all going to miss Lola Bug!

And the reason that she was finally able to go with Safa is that we have taken possession of the condo we bought in Auburn, and she was able to move in on Friday. We are in the process of furnishing it, piece by piece, and have a trip to Ikea scheduled to pick up some more essentials. Hamza has paid his commitment fee to Auburn too, so the siblings will be living together in the fall. I think they are working on some kind of arrangement where Hamza will cook and Safa will clean. Sounds like a good plan to me!


Amanda (Janelle's Mommy) said...

Janelle still talks about Lola! She is so soft.

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