Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sweet Treats and more!

We have a busy weekend full of delicious food and great company. It started with a dinner we hosted on Friday night. We had a few families over for an Asian themed meal. The food turned out great, but not without more than a little help from the men in my life. Just before the guests came, I had Hamza filling, and Zakir frying egg rolls, while I was trying to put the finishing touches to all the rest of the food. It's been a while since we hosted a dinner for 25 or more, and my time management skills have obviously become quite rusty. But it ended up being a very successful evening.

On Saturday evening there was a dinner invitation/house warming party at Farah's house. Farah and her sister in law have been working on this event for a whole week, and everything was amazing. The entrees were delicious, but the desserts were out of this world. Ayesha is not only a great cook, she is an amazing artist, when it comes to creating cakes and dessert platters.

A four tiered cake, with a different flavor of cake in every level, plus baskets of flowers. Each flower is actually an individually wrapped, carefully iced cookie. The result was gorgeous.

The hand written plaques are cookies too! Who would have thought?! And chocolate dipped 'teabag' cookies, perfect for dipping in a cup of tea or coffee.

The food was just as artistically presented.

And the gracious hosts:

And if all this decadence wasn't enough, Sunday was the icing on the cake (literally). We were back at Farah's house this afternoon to celebrate Mobeen's seventh birthday. More cake, more desserts, and cute finger foods.

The cool backdrop is hand made too.

And a great superhero birthday cake, with cookies to match!

The weather cooperated enough for the kids to play outside, but with the rain imminent, the food was all set up indoors.

I am going to have to hit the gym especially hard this week. Have some calories to burn off!


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