Sunday, November 22, 2015

Need some inspiration?

Safa has been blogging sporadically for the past few months, and recently more regularly, since she has taken on a 30 day writing challenge. If you google '30 day writing challenge', you'll come across a variety of lists and prompts, to help stimulate your creative writing juices. The particular one Safa chose to use is here. I looked at the list myself, and decided I have nowhere near the creativity required to complete this list, even if I was highly motivated to do so. But Safa is always up to a good challenge, when it comes to creative writing, and I have been enjoying whatever she has written so far. She has given me permission to share her blog here. If you are interested, swing by and read what she has written so far. You can click here to go to her blog.

It has almost, almost inspired me to revive this recently neglected blog. I admit that with each subsequent year, my posts have become less and less frequent. It's time to try and rectify this. Wish me luck!


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