Friday, October 23, 2015

Hard work paid off

This evening the boys were in the dojo to test for their next ranks in Heiwado karate. It has been especially challenging for Hamza, because his school schedule leaves him little time to train. But both boys have been trying to make it to class as often as possible recently, and their hard work paid off.

The tesing is conducted by rank, and since Bilal is at a lower rank than Hamza, he tested first.

He got a little nervous in the middle, but was able to complete his katas, before taking a seat to watch the other students.

Hamza impressed us all with his test. No obvious sign of nervousness there!

The Senseis took a small break to make their decisions, and then returned to award the new certificates. Bilal, promoted to sixth kyu Shodan.

And Hamza was awarded his third degree black belt. Eleven years of training in the dojo paid off!

Proud of my hard working young men today! And congratulations to all who were promoted.

A great way to end the week!


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