Saturday, October 10, 2015

Another year goes by

It seems like not too long ago, that this little one came into our lives, and brought so much joy with him:

He had the cutest way of sleeping with his bum in the air, and there was no other way you could put him to sleep. And when he was awake, he'd always have a delightfully earnest look on his face.

Then we barely blinked, and he was already sitting upright

What seems like only a couple of sleeps later, he was into everything, and his favorite place to be, was wedged between the chairs underneath the dining table.

The toddler years crept up on us too...

... as did did his little attitude that came with it!

And here we are now, seventeen years later, although it only seems like yesterday. We have a fine young man who is bright and self assertive, and looking forward to college already.

We are very proud of his accomplishments, and pray for a successful future for him. Happy birthday, Hamza!


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