Saturday, September 12, 2015

Here to stay?

Today was a gorgeous day, lower humidity and cooler temperatures. The sky was bluer than I've seen it in a while, and with the breeze, there was even a very slight chill in the air. Even though the leaves haven't started changing color, and only yesterday it felt as if the air conditioner was running constantly, are we maybe, just maybe, ready to welcome Fall? The days are already getting shorter, and our walk today was much more pleasant, especially for the dog.

I hope this is a sign of better weather to come!

Last weekend was Labor Day, and we had the nephews over for their second sleepover. It's such a great age, when they can come to stay; Bilal loves the time he spends with them. After an uneventful night, we took them to the Mall the following day. First we visited the video game arcade.

Then a break for lunch,

followed by a ride on the carousel!

What a perfect way to end a fun weekend!


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