Sunday, August 16, 2015

College, again

Lesson learned: Dropping your child off at college for their second year isn't really much easier on a mama than it was the first year. and the thought that your second child will be heading to college within a year, makes it even harder.

Yesterday, Safa, Hamza and I drove down to Auburn, to help her move into her new apartment. She has moved to a complex slightly farther away from campus, and her new roommate is someone she had met during Camp War Eagle, her summer orientation before freshman year. I have got a feeling that they'll get along very well. She had wonderful roommates last year too, but everyone has chosen different accommodations this year.

Lola the chinchilla traveled down in the minivan with me, dozing all the way, while the siblings rode together in Safa's car. Hamza's first task, as soon as Safa got possession of the room, was to set up Lola's cage in her new location.

Obviously Safa won't be doing any studying on her desk!

Lola warmed up to her familiar home, but her new location, very well. After spending a long time running around, exploring her cage, she fell asleep in her favorite spot, with her tail hanging out of the cage.

After unloading both cars, we headed for lunch. Pizza at Little Italy was the obvious choice!

Then Safa took us to campus for Hamza's 3rd 'unofficial' campus tour. I have a pleasant feeling that he is seriously considering Auburn as an option for school too!

Before wrapping up in the apartment, we made a (not so) quick run to the grocery store, to stock up Safa's pantry and fridge. I don't want her worrying about groceries for a couple of weeks;  classes start tomorrow, and she will need to focus on her studies.

This is her wall, highly personalized with everything from postcards and her personal paintings and drawings, to paintings, drawings and doodles by her friends from high school and college. Plus a couple of photographs and posters added in the mix.

It really was hard, saying goodbye to her, but she is great about staying touch with text and telephone. And I'm sure she'll be visiting within the next month or two, after she is settled in for the semester.


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