Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to school!

Today was Bilal's first day of fourth grade. He was bouncing around super early, making sure that his backpack was packed just right, and that everything was in its place. Glasses on his face (not worn all summer), as well as a huge grin. He headed out the door almost fifteen minutes before the bus was due to come to our bus stop. The kid loves school!

According to the report I received, it was a great first day, although he didn't look as peppy in the picture I took when he got off the bus.

No homework today, although I'm sure it it soon to come. By his usual school night bedtime he was exhausted! It never fails to amuse me how school can tire him out so much. I think for now, it is more about getting back into the routine after a long, lazy summer, and he should adjust in a few days. I think it also bothered him that his siblings are still at home, lazing around, and not headed back to school until next week.

He likes his new teacher, although I was rather shocked to hear that there are twenty-five students in his class! I hope it doesn't interfere with learning; he's never had so many classmates. Next year there will be three elementary schools instead of one, so that should help with class sizes. I guess the Paine Huskies will just have to tough it out for one more year. Hoping it's a good one!


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