Sunday, August 23, 2015

All about Lego

Bilal's birthday was 1 month ago, but he hadn't got around to getting his gift yet (even though he did have a great party). The item on his wish list was not within an acceptable budget, so he was still trying to decide what else he wanted from his parents. He finally decided that, for his birthday, he wanted somewhere that he could store his Lego creations, well within reach, since he enjoys playing with them a lot. So I hit up Pinterest to try and figure out a good solution, then came up with the simplest one: deep shelving along one wall of his room. So we measured out the area, and re-located his bookcase to another wall, leaving a generous space for 4 feet of shelves. Then, Zakir and I headed out to Lowe's and found just what we needed, in the closet hardware section. We were rather pleased with the finished result:

Simple, yet very functional. With a designated area for his Lego characters.

Then Bilal decided that Puppet would be very happy on the shelf, instead of cramped up on top of his armoire, with many other stuffed animals. So he, along with his fire hat, joined the globe on the top shelf.

Since we put the shelves up yesterday, the characters have been arranged, and rearranged several times. There are now many completed Lego models filling some of the shelf space (I just don't have an updated photo), and Bilal is thrilled to have a location well within reach for him to play. There is also plenty of space underneath, if we decide to re-locate the bricks from the loft closet, into bins. That isn't the plan at the moment.

Today, the nephews came over to spend the day, and we all headed down to the Mall for lunch, and for the Americana Lego exhibit. Here are the boys in front of a huge model of the US Capitol:

After browsing the shops, we took a break for lunch, and then checked out the other exhibits. Some of these models took over 800 hours to build, with several people working on them simultaneously.

The Lincoln Memorial, observed from the upper level:

Aren't the boys so cute together? Can't wait until we have another weekend with my cuties!


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