Monday, August 3, 2015

A very 'wild' birthday party

We celebrated Bilal's birthday with a party about a week after he turned nine. We wanted to do something different than the typical bouncing/bowling type of event, so we asked these folks to come help us out instead:

And I think it was a very good decision! Who doesn't love animals? All our guests certainly did, some more than others. The party started off with a corn snake around Bilal's neck, and it only got better from there!

And how about a hissing cockroach?

Insects like that don't bother me, but I'm still glad it was Bilal holding it and not me! Then, an itty bitty porcupine.

The highlight may surely have been the pythons, though. It took the entire party to hold the larger one!

A much slower, but equally cool animal to end the show, even Atlas was fascinated with this one:

The kids had a blast.

Then everyone headed indoors for some serious hand washing, followed by pizza, hamburgers and of course, cake!

Happy birthday, Bilal!


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