Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation mode

We are taking a few, much needed, relaxing days off at the beach.

It is hot, but we are enjoying our vacation, and I am on book number two of the five books I have brought to read while we are here. Blissfully lazy!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eid al Fitr 2015

Ramadan is over, it has a been a month full of blessings, self improvement, and prayer. I have been busy and haven't spent much time online, so it is now time to catch up.

Eid fesitivities started with our Chaand Raat (the night the new moon of Shawal is sighted) celebration on Thursday. Many women and girls from the community got together for some good food, and to continue the tradition of applying henna on the hands. Safa tried her hand at applying some this year, before having someone put some on her hands. It takes a good deal of skill and a steady hand! Once the paste dries and is washed off, it leaves a pretty reddish color. This gradually fades over the next week or two.

The following morning we were all up bright and early. After a deliciously sweet breakfast, we headed into Birmingham for Eid prayers. But it was time for a few family photos before we left.

Eid al Fitr is probably the largest annual gathering of Muslims in the Birmingham area, and the auditorium was packed! Next year it will probably have to be planned in a venue that accommodates more people.

After prayers we were invited to brunch at a friend's place. Sadly, my camera stayed tucked away in my purse, so no photos. But we enjoyed the food and company. And if that wasn't enough, there was another dinner party in the evening, at another friend's house. Wow, talk about delicious food overload! Dinner was late, and we didn't get home until after 11:30pm.

On Saturday we started off by running some errands and staying busy at home. In the afternoon, I dropped Hamza off at the airport, headed to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the Mu Alpha Theta math convention. He will be there until Friday, which precedes the weekend when our summer vacation will officially begin.

Saturday evening was the community Eid party. Yep, another party! Besides meeting many of our local friends, I had a great chat with a medical student, soon to graduate from the same university that Zakir and I graduated from.

Hira is from AKU class of 2015, Farah 1997 and I am from the class of 1993. Wow, we span 22 years!

Today is the finally day we can actually call part of our Eid celebration, since it is day 3. We have family visiting Birmingham from Nashville, so we invited them over for brunch today, although by the time we at it was closer to actual lunch time. More good company and great conversation. And it was also wonderful to have a house full of kids! Look at this little cutie!

With her Mama:


This evening, we are just relaxing and catching up on housework, ready for another work week to start tomorrow. But on the positive side, there is only one week until we head out on our much needed vacation!

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