Wednesday, June 10, 2015


.... to the newest member of the Khan family zoo:

This is Safa's chinchilla, Lola Cherry Cola, Lola for short. She joined the household as a mere 9 week old fledgling, and has developed quite a presence in our home. The cats are curious, but keep their distance. That's good, since she is a rodent. She would make a rather expensive cat treat! Atlas has been introduced to her too, but his response was more 'meh', I don't think he believes she is worthy of any attention. But Safa and her dad are smitten by this little ball of fur. To be honest, I have been the least eager to add another animal to what already feels like a zoo. But it's hard not to like her, she's so soft and cute (though not the most cuddly critter). When she comes out of her home, you'll see her riding their shoulders around the house, I guess it's the best vantage point, where she can see everything going on.

When Safa returns to college full time in the fall, Lola will go with her. But for now her home is a large cage, occupying Safa's desk in her bedroom.

You can tell that she's really loved!


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