Thursday, June 11, 2015

Things that fly

So far this summer has been pretty good for Hamza. He hasn't had as much opportunity to sleep the days away, although he still has had his fair share of sleeping!

This week he participated in a four day camp at UAB, working with a group of high school and college students, building a drone. He loves to build things and is constantly taking apart and rebuilding his computer, so this was right up his alley.

And after the drone was built, the students had the opportunity to fly it outdoors.

Pretty impressive, huh? And among the teams that competed after the construction was complete, Hamza's team was awarded this prize:

First prize, as fastest drone!

He plans to maintain contact with his mentor who facilitated this opportunity, in the hopes that it will help him plan out his senior research project, a requirement for him to graduate from ASFA. Yep, he's headed into his senior year. Sometimes it seems hard to believe!


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