Saturday, May 16, 2015

In the yard

We continue to work hard outdoors, beautifying the yard in our home. Most of the front is complete, so we have started work on the back too. Admittedly, this is one part of our home that was slightly neglected, before we moved here. Personally, I never enjoyed working outside as much as I have, since moving here. And Zakir is a great partner to work with, because when the weather is too hot or humid, or when the mosquitos are buzzing and exceptionally vicious, he will either still persuade me to come outside and help him, or do the work himself, regardless of the elements.

Since all the additional sod has been laid in the front yard, we have been trimming the bushes some. The upper corner still looks a bit wild and crazy, but it's a happy crazy, and it has been trimmed a bit more since this photograph was taken.

The rose bushes in the side of our house are thriving.

And in the back, we have a lot of color and fragrance too. In fact, we have been having to trim the honeysuckle to keep it under control, while allowing it to creep the railing also.

The lilies in the back are beautiful.

Mostly what is left includes putting down pine straw and cleaning up the edges. Otherwise, the garden is in good shape!


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