Sunday, May 10, 2015

Home Construction part XIV

We have started phase II of our home construction, and that involves finishing a part of our basement, to increase our space for entertaining guests. So it is only proper that I wrap up the first portion, which is the original home building. That, and the fact that we have been living in our home for nearly eighteen months! When I left off last time, we were one week away from taking possession of our house. So now, I continue the series....

October 25, 2013: The fence in the back yard has been completed. Our land extends a little beyond the fence, into the woods, but it wasn't practical for us to build a fence around the actual perimeter of our lot, due to the slope. We have a gate that goes into the woods, where our adventurous kids can go and climb trees if they choose.

And in the kitchen, the backsplash is up. It still needs to be sealed.

October 27, 2013: The fireplace surround has been painted. we plan to mount the TV above the fireplace.

October 29, 2013: The completed backsplash in the kitchen, lit up:

 The pantry shelves. There are still a couple of shelves missing:

The master bathroom shower. I love the rimless glass door and the double shower heads:

The foyer chandelier, lit up:

October 30, 2013: We had our final walk through with our realtor, going over anything that needed repairs, or was incomplete, in preparation for closing at the attorney's office to following morning.

And we were officially handed over the key on October 31, right on schedule.

Welcome home!

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