Sunday, April 19, 2015

More about Spring Break, 2015

Wednesday of Spring Break was a lazy day for the boys. They spent most of the day lounging around the house, while Zakir and I actually got a lot accomplished. We checked out some cabinet ideas and flooring for our next big project, which is finishing the basement. We hope to start on that by the beginning of May.

On Thursday morning we headed to Atlanta for the first college tour of the week. Hamza has been very interested in Georgia Tech, since he first learned about the university. The tour actually went very well, and our prospective college student was highly impressed. Aside from the excellent education the university imparts, the campus is also very nice; walking around at some places, it's easy to forget that it is actually in the middle of a very large city.

The swimming pool here was actually used when Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996:

I don't know if Hamza will get accepted, or even if he will end up applying there. But it surely gives him something to strive for!
After the tour we went to lunch, and made a quick trip to Ikea, to pick up a floor lamp for Bilal's bedroom. Zakir and I love going there, but obviously Hamza doesn't; he counted every minute we were in the store!

Later, we drove down to Auburn, to spend the night there, in preparation for the next college tour on Friday. First , we stopped at Safa's apartment for dinner. Our 'undomestic' daughter made us delicious omelets and pancakes! Yeah, she actually can cook more than instant mashed potatoes and brownies!

The following morning, we all met at Crepe Myrtle for breakfast. It is actually located inside a nursery. Delicious crepes and fresh fruit!

Then we headed to the college campus for the tour. We have visited a couple of times with Hamza, since Safa has been enrolled. But a tour gives you a different perspective.

Auburn is definitely another good choice for Hamza also, whose primary interest is Computer Science. And logistically it would make sense to have two kids at the same school. But that is yet to be determined, and a lot of it depends on Hamza himself. The last college he plans to visit is University of Alabama, and that is scheduled for early June, after school is out.

Looking out at Jordan-Hare Stadium
After the tour, we again met for lunch (can you tell how significant food is, on every trip we go on?). Upon Safa's recommendation we went to a burger place called Niffer's, which is famous for its corn nuggets. Naturally, we ordered corn nuggets with our meal. And the disappeared just as fast as they appeared on our table!

After lunch we headed home with Bilal, while Hamza spent another day with his sister. She wanted him to meet her friends, and get the 'real' college experience. She brought him home the following afternoon.

The rest of Spring Break was spent doing yard work. There is so much to do in the yard, as there is every spring, and we wanted to get a head start. This week has been a wash out, with fairly constant rain, so we haven't been able to work outside at all. Hopefully next weekend will be dryer and more productive.


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