Saturday, April 4, 2015

Monday Fun Day

On Monday of Spring Break, Zakir and I took Bilal and his cousins to Treetop Family Adventure, for some indoor/outdoor fun time. As you can see, the fun started before we made it there.

They always have a blast when they're together!

After we arrived at Treetop, we all rode in Go-Karts, before coming back inside to enjoy the arcade.

The kids earned enough tickets from their games to get bags full of useless, but fun, goodies.

On the way back home we stopped off to check out a new grocery store called Sprouts. And what did the kids want when we got there? Believe it or not, celery! So the boys came out of the grocery store with two trays of this:

Mmm, yummy! And later, when Farah asked the boys what the most fun part of their day was, they replied, "Buying a veggie tray!" Goodness, we might as well have skipped Treetop, and headed straight to the grocery store!


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