Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuscaloosa Air Show

Spring break is officially here, and we haven't planned any big getaway for the family this year. So we've been looking for activities to keep ourselves busy closer to home. so far it hasn't been very hard at all. On Saturday we took the kids out to breakfast, followed by a trip to the library, to stock up on books to read during the break. Managed to get my car's tires replaced while we were out too! Then we caught the matinee show of Home at our local movie theater. Cutest movie I've seen in a while, and we all enjoyed it. The cousins came over in the evening, and took Bilal back with them for a sleepover. He always loves that!

Sunday started off with us heading over to pick up the boys from Farah's place, and we drove down to Tuscaloosa for the regional air show. The activities started around 10am, and we didn't get there until closer to 1pm, so we missed some of the show, but got to see the main attraction, which was our big reason for the trip. Hamza, Bilal and Zakir had a chance to look at some of the static plane displays, while I sat down and relaxed with the nephews. Mohsin just wasn't in the mood for a photo, but I took one anyway!

The highlight of the show was the Blue Angels demonstration, and it proved to be definitely worth the visit.

It was so impressive to watch the planes flying in formation.

And despite potential cloudy conditions and a chance of rain in the forecast, we enjoyed a blue, sunny sky. Put us in a good mood!

There's more fun planned for the rest of the week!


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