Saturday, March 7, 2015

I know we shouldn't complain...

... when most of the northern part of the United States has been receiving record amount of snow, but you have to admit there's something very wrong about this:

The left photo was taken at sunset on Wednesday of this past week, and the right was at noon on Thursday. Not only did the temperature drop more than forty degrees, but we also had a good share of ice falling from the sky. Freezing rain, sleet, whatever you'd call it. In fact, by the evening it was closer to 20 degrees. On Thursday, which just happened to be my birthday, we opted to leave work early, and spend the evening at home, and not try to brave the elements. In fact, Birmingham made national news with a fourteen car pile up on the interstate only a few miles from our house. Our roads and drivers are never prepared for wintry weather, and even half an inch of ice on the roads can wreak havoc on the driving conditions. It's best just to stay indoors.


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