Sunday, March 22, 2015

A sunny day for a party

With all the crazy weather we've been having in Alabama over the past month or two, it was very refreshing to have a perfectly dry, warm, and sunny day for Mohsin's fifth birthday party. Especially since the setting was Farah's lovely back yard.

The bouncy slides were perfect for the kids to play in. Look at that gorgeous blue sky!

Here is the birthday boy, enjoying his pizza:

And the other members of the party:

The cake, of course, had to be based on the Planes theme, Mohsin's favorite.

And while the kids ran around, and played in the yard, the older guests of the party had their share of fun. A neighbor brought this over for the men to play with:

Yes, it's a drone. And they all took turns flying it.

But I think that I may have had the most fun of al. Because I had the chance to hang out with this little guy.

My sweet little Mohib!


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