Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day

Yesterday we were bracing for a winter storm, not something we see often in the South. Schools remained closed in anticipation of snow, and we even cancelled clinic, which is a rare occurrence. Our office is north of where we live, and interestingly the weather is often quite different. So we decided to stay in, and waited for the snow. And waited. By the afternoon, the only sign of snow was this slushy mess in our back yard:

Not very remarkable, and surely not enough to call it a snow day? The kids ran and skidded around outside for a while, but with barely enough snow to make a decent snowball, they ended up coming back indoors pretty soon. The rest of the afternoon we experienced a mix of rain and sleet, and nothing really stuck on the ground. I tucked Bilal into bed at his usual 8 pm, and happened to look out the window, to see this:

It actually waited until 8 pm to start snowing! At least in our neck of the woods. We learned that further north of us, there were areas that received around 9-10 inches of snow, which is actually close to record levels. Nope, we don't have to have 8-10 feet of snow in Alabama to set records, 8-10 inches will do it! And our roads are not really prepped for the snow and ice either.

This morning the boys had delayed starts to school, two hours for Bilal and three for Hamza. Bilal got out of the house bright and early, and had a snowball fight with the neighbors' kids. And a good idea, because by the time we were headed out to take Hamza to school, most of the snow had already melted. It still looked pretty on the bushes, though.

Our drive through the neighborhood at 10 am revealed how rapidly the snow was melting.

But it was a different story up in Blount County where our office is located.

We did open up clinic at 11, but naturally, there weren't many patients who wanted to come out and see us, with most of the roads in the area still covered with snow. Still, we made a day of it, saw a few patients, and wrapped up a lot of things that get pushed aside on days when our clinic is packed with patients.

By the time we got home, there was barely any sign of the pretty blanket of snow that had covered our yard. And the high temperature predicted for this weekend is 69 degrees. There's Alabama for you!


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