Monday, January 12, 2015

Too quiet!

Safa has been home for the past one month, and it's been great. We all had some time off during the winter break, and even when the boys went back to school, Safa was still home. Father and daughter had some time to catch up.

Yes, it looks like they are just engaged in using their computers, but this was some quality research time for the two of them!

This morning Bilal headed off to Space Camp. This is his first overnight field trip without either parent, and he was very excited to go.

In all honesty, I did try to volunteer as a chaperone. But there was too much interest from the parents, so a drawing had to be held to select the chaperones. And I did not get selected. And Bilal was perfectly fine with that! The baby is growing up, and really doesn't need his Mama as much any more! Anyway, it's only an overnight trip, and I'll be picking him up from the school around 4pm tomorrow. I can be a big girl and handle it! And been enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Education program is providing him with opportunities he would not have otherwise had at school. Safa went to Space Camp in third grade also, and still speaks fondly of the 3 days she spent there.

Safa dropped Bilal off at school and headed straight back to Auburn too! Classes start on Wednesday, and she wanted an extra day to settle back in to her apartment. So with Hamza holed up in his corner in the loft, doing his homework since he came home, and the two other kids gone, it is far too quiet at home!


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