Saturday, January 10, 2015

Goodbye, 2014!

2014 ended with a couple of significant firsts for the Khan family. Our first born child went off the college. And although she managed to average about one weekend per month at home during the first semester, this was quite an adjustment for the entire family. I think Zakir and Sammy, our red tabby, both took it the hardest. Zakir spent many evenings wondering why Safa hadn't called yet, and Sammy spent even more evenings pacing Safa's bedroom and wailing. He finally adjusted to her being gone, not long before she came back for a four week break. I can see the cycle repeating itself when Safa heads back to school in a couple of days!

Our oldest son got his driver's permit and started taking driving lessons. Even though Zakir is the primary instructor, I have been on edge a lot when Hamza is driving. Zakir teases me by telling me that regardless of how Hamza drives, I am conditioned to startle and freak out if he is behind the wheel. And honestly, my gasps tend to be very loud!

This was also the first full year that we spent in our new home. After the initial settling in period, it has been lovely, with no major issues. Although the construction process wasn't horrible, I just don't see us going through this ever again. I think we are quite settled in this current home, and hope that we will stay here for a very long time. It's a lovely neighborhood, with all necessary amenities nearby, great neighbors and an easy drive to work, although we still live about a 25-30 minute drive away.

Bilal started third grade, and this last semester was the first ever since starting kindergarten, that he had perfect attendance, with no absences for sickness. That is quite an accomplishment! So far since the Fall, Bilal has only been on antibiotics once for his sinuses.

In June we went on our first cruise ever. I see this happening again in the future some time, it was very enjoyable. And quite relaxing!

As we look forward to 2015, we also look back fondly to 2014. Of course, it wasn't a perfect year, (is it ever?!), but it seemed to go by in a flash, and we choose to dwell on the positives.


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