Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lucky Me!

A play date with not one, not two, but three boys! Granted, one of them was my own, but still, it sure was a boy packed, fun packed day!

The cousins came over to spend an entire day with us a couple of weeks ago. Mom and dad had to work, and the babysitter was taking care of the littlest guy, who can sometimes be a handful.

They started off the day with a very energetic game of ball, inside the house! Needless to say, there was a casualty, but thankfully not one of the boys. It was a ceramic vase, which has since been replaced with something more durable. Hey, when fun happens, accidents happen too! No big deal, but they all did agree that playing with a large ball inside the house was maybe not such a good idea. Fortunately, the weather was perfect for outdoor play! First of all, the boys took turns 'driving' and riding in the minivan:

Then, out cam the Tonka trucks!

All that playing outside made the boys thirsty, so out came cups of ice water for everyone. Except, it was less about drinking the water, and more about challenging each other to see whose cube of ice would melt first?

We came back inside for a delicious lunch of chicken fingers and cheese toast. After lunch the boys chilled with their devices for  just a little while. And before you know it, we were back outside again, with a trip to the local playground! There was a lot of swinging...

And climbing...



And more of the same!

On the way home I had to run by Sam's to grab some supplies for the office. I admit, that part was tricky, trying to manipulate a full shopping cart with three boys hanging on. But, we survived that too, and it was a great day all around!


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