Sunday, December 14, 2014

Home construction, part XIII

We are almost into the last week of October, and the house is starting to look a lot closer to livable. Still on target to close on October 31st.

October 21, 2013: The counter has been installed on the kitchen counter.

The vanity in the master shower has a waterfall faucet. We found a very cute vanity, at a bargain price, but then splurged on the faucet. It completed the look so well!

The fixtures in the master shower have been installed.

And the bath tub, which we will hardly ever use. But we were advised that installing a tub in the master bathroom is absolutely essential, if we ever want to consider selling the home.

Upstairs, the carpet has been installed in the bedrooms. This is Hamza's bedroom:

October 22, 2013: The French doors in the study are also up, but still need to be painted.

Close-up of the kitchen counter:

You can see that the stove top has also been installed.

My Wolf stove is the best! Some things, you just can't compromise on! The fridge has also been hooked up.

In the laundry room the utility sink is in place. I'm glad we made the decision to add cabinets in the laundry room also, they will surely come in handy!

Here is Safa's pretty orange bedroom with the carpet installed. I think the color really grows on you:

October 23, 2013: The drum light in the study is up. Yes, we have power!

This light fixture is one of my favorites, the cute little lampshades complete the look in the powder room! And yes, we did rotate the shades so that the seams would not show in the front.

The bookcase is up in the heart room. there is desk space on either side of it.

One of my favorite features of our kitchen (a close second to the stove top), is the appliance garage. It is a great way to conceal all the heavy appliances without having to stash them in cabinets underneath. I don't have a photo if it open, but the hinges draw the door upwards and outwards. and of course, there is an electrical outlet inside, so the appliances don't even have to be moved far from the storage area. So innovative!

Here is the one of the vanities in the master bathroom. We are waiting for the hand cut mirrors to be delivered. The faucets will be installed on top of the mirror:

The shelving is up in the closets:

And outside the house, the wrought iron rails are up in the front garden:

That leaves only one week until we finally get possession of our new home!


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