Sunday, October 5, 2014

The back yard

Zakir has been working hard, landscaping in the back yard. When we moved in, the back yard only had a couple of plants, surrounded by several bales of pine straw. Since then, we have been adding plants a couple at a time, and now the area looks so much better. I don't have any 'before' photos, but these are some 'during'.

The climbing plants are honeysuckle and jasmine. Over time they will fill in the area where the railing is.

After the pea gravel has been added and leveled:

The pretty orange flowers are lantana, they are thriving in this bright sunny spot, and have attracted a variety of butterflies to our garden. Eventually we plan to put a little wrought iron or concrete bench in this area, to complete the look.

Zakir has also been working in a previously neglected corner of our yard, and now it looks very pretty, particularly when looking out our hearth room windows.

Eventually the abelias, lavender and rosemary will fill in this area. Still need a little more grass, though!


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