Friday, October 10, 2014

Sixteen years old!

Happy birthday to my second teenager! Hamza is 16 years old today.

He is talking about getting his driver's license soon. But I am not ready for that yet, and I don't think he really is either! He will continue practicing with his father, because I still can't handle the stress! I'd much rather see him running around outside, instead of behind the wheel of a car.

This evening we went to Frontera, Hamza's choice, for dinner.

Then caramel cake for dessert!

Safa is visiting this weekend too, since we are running our annual health fair at the Hoover Mosque tomorrow. She and a good friend of hers have both taken the helm, recruiting and coordinating volunteers, designing t-shirts, and essentially planning the whole event. We hope to have a good turnout, with all the effort that has been put into the planning process.


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