Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Home Construction part XII

As we are nearing the first anniversary of us moving into our new home, I am finally close to completing the construction series on this blog. The last few weeks were spent with a variety of subcontractors working simultaneously, in order to place the finishing touches on the house.

October 14, 2013: The entryway has the lanterns installed.

And the light fixtures have been mounted in the rear of the house too. These are the French doors that lead out from the master bedroom.

Inside the house, the electrician has been just as busy. This is Bilal's futuristic remote controlled ceiling fan:

The chandeliers in the foyer and dining room:

October 16, 2013: We couldn't enter the house because the hardwoods had been freshly stained. But we did take a peek through the door knob hole!

In the back yard the areas designated for our vegetable patch and play set have been demarcated with railroad ties.

October 18, 2013: We are able to return to the interior of the house to see more progress with the stained floors.

Upstairs in the loft, the accent wall with its built in shelving is complete.

The three bedrooms upstairs are the only rooms with carpet. We chose something very neutral for the carpet. This is the underlay:

In the master bathroom, the plumbing fixtures are ready to be installed.

And the door is up in the screened porch:

I love the sunlight streaming in, it will be a lovely place to sit and relax!


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