Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Giving back

On October 11th the Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama hosted their annual health fair. In previous years this has been hosted by the Alabama chapter of APPNA, which is the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America. Now, since the clinic is well established, and has been granted its non-profit status, RCCA will be hosting the event from hereon.

Our young volunteers took leadership in organizing the event.

This year we were able to offer a variety of health related activities to the participants. From free dental screenings provided by a generous dentist, to blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar tests, and vision screens, to free flu vaccines to all. There was an assortment of patient education literature available to take home.

There were physicians on hand to discuss lab results, and also to provide brief lectures on topics ranging from diabetes to cholesterol, to Ebola. Zakir, as the Medical Director of RCCA, has put many hours into planning the program.

We had a very good turnout, and in the process, learned some valuable lessons about what can be improved upon in the future, so that we can serve a larger number of the community.

The Red Crescent Clinic of Alabama is a non-profit organization that provides free medical care to patients from every walk of life. The clinic is open every Sunday from 2-6pm, except on certain holidays, and is staffed by Internists and Family Physicians. To schedule an appointment, please call (205) 879-4247 and choose option 4.


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