Thursday, September 25, 2014


One thing Hamza is definitely passionate about, is math. So today's event was not unexpected, but still, a great accomplishment. ASFA held the Mu Alpha Theta honor society tapping today. The students who were inducted needed an average of at least 88% in math in high school, and there are additional criteria for other subjects also. It was supposed to be kept as a secret from the students, so that it is a surprise; I went to school under the guise of volunteering with set up and clean up, for the ceremony and reception. So glad I had the opportunity to go. Please pardon the poor quality of the photos, I'm going to blame it on low light.

The students had actually been tapped and received their pins earlier in the day. They were seated on stage, while the president, vice president, and other members of the honor society spoke.

After receiving their certificates:

The junior and senior Mu Alpha Theta members together:

After the ceremony, there was a reception with cake and other refreshments. Mrs. Chin, the head of the Math and Science department, cut the cake.

 The pin:

 Some junior and senior members:

Congratulations to Hamza and the ten other new inductees!


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