Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A visit from cousins

What a fun and wild weekend it's been, with five teenagers (and Bilal) in the house. The cousins visited from St. Louis over Labor Day weekend. They drove/ flew in on Saturday, and were here until yesterday afternoon. The trip was short, but everyone managed to pack in as much fun as possible. The last time we were all together was in July 2013. It's not often that we all manage to get together, but because of the proximity in ages, it's always a blast. Tariq's sons are 19, 17 and 13, compared to our 18, 15 (nearly 16) and 8.

On Sunday we let the kids take the minivan and spend some time around town by themselves. First they stopped at Second and Charles, Safa's favorite bookstore, and stocked up on a ton of great books at bargain prices. They they headed to Vulcan, a famous Birmingham landmark.

After visiting Vulcan, they made a quick trip for some cold drinks.

And then the went to McWane Center, for some (hopefully) educational fun.

 Fun with light:

Balance games:

Building a catenary arch, supposedly a physics lesson!

Fun with bubbles!

And mind games! Guiding a ball with brain waves.

The kids also rode the high cycle:
There's always something new and exciting at McWane Center.

I did learn this weekend, that all teens are alike in the hours they keep. They were up until after 1am both days, and mobilizing them in the morning was not easy. Plus, they have an awakening of their appetites at the oddest hours of the day; I would load and run the dishwasher around 11 at night, and would awake to a sink full of dirty dishes. The kids would trudge down to the kitchen around midnight and then snack/ eat relentlessly until close to 1! Who eats at that crazy hour?!

But it was definitely a very enjoyable visit, and we look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to meet up.


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