Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Third Grade

While his siblings slept, Bilal was up bright and early, excited to go to school. After breakfast, and a quick review of his backpack contents, he was ready to head to the bus stop. He could have got up thirty minutes later and still been ready on time, but how do you explain that to a very excited eight yer old, who has been waiting for school all summer?

Obligatory first day of school photos:

Waiting at the bus stop:

We were expecting the bus to be there at 7:25. But several minutes later there was still no sign of it. So Bilal just decided to take a little break.

And finally, almost twenty minutes late, the bus rolled around the corner. New bus driver, new route, and probably several parents of kindergarteners bawling like babies while dropping their kids at the bus stop. That could be some of the problem, I'm sure. So the kids made it to school a little late, but I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

He had a great day of school today, and it seems like he really likes his third grade teacher. He did comment on how much time the students spent outside the school in the heat (it went up to 96 degrees today), but that is only going to start to make up for the lack of activity over this lazy summer! We ended the day with a game of 'Spongebob Life', and some reading aloud just before bedtime. It sure is great to have him back in a routine again. Now if only the siblings would do more with their days too! But their day will come soon.


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