Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer comes to an end

This week started with school related activities. On Monday evening I took Bilal to meet his third grade teacher, Mrs. W. The same teacher that Hamza has in third grade too! She is wonderful, and very caring towards the kids. In fact, when Hamza was in third grade, one day he got confused about an after school activity and ended up missing the bus. Instead of calling me to pick him up from school, Mrs. W drove him home herself. Such a considerate gesture! Bilal warmed up to her as soon as he met her. Hopefully that means he will have a good school year.

Waiting to enter the school

With his new third grade teacher
School for Bilal starts tomorrow, so today I took the kids to six Flags over Georgia for one last summer activity. We left early, but by the time we reached the park it was already getting quite crowded.

It was hot, and we actually didn't do as much at the park as I had expected we would. After a few roller coasters and of course, the bumper cars, the kids had had enough, so we headed back home.

This evening was spent rounding up a few things that Bilal will need for school. He took his shower early, and was eager to be in bed to read before bedtime. Eight o'clock, lights out! No fussing or complaining. Just like second grade! He is so excited about heading back to school, I'm sure he'll be bouncing around early in the morning. He will need that extra sleep to be ready for school tomorrow.


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