Monday, August 11, 2014

Moving In

Yesterday we drove down to Auburn to get Safa situated in her apartment. We loaded up the car after breakfast, and headed out.

She made sure to bring most essentials, plus items that I'm not sure if she'll ever use, but hope she does, such as a mop, and a crock pot. I have been working on a cookbook/ binder for her all summer, so I do hope that she decides to do some cooking. The compilation of recipes is a graduation gift she had specifically asked for. Even though it took me years after her original request to get it completed, I did manage to complete in time for her to leave for college.

As soon as Safa got possession of her key, we starting arranging her belongings. With all of us working together, it didn't really take very long.

She came back home with us, and tomorrow will be driving down herself, for her actual move-in. She is taking some pillows and a wall hanging to spruce up her room a little bit, and today she spent the last of one of her gift cards, as partial payment for a nice toaster oven and a few other kitchen accessories. So I think she is sufficiently stocked up and ready to go. The hard part will be actually saying goodbye to her. I am so glad that she is only going to be a little over 2 hours drive away.


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