Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Adventure Park

Some weekends you just have to go out and do something differently, even if your siblings won't cooperate! While big brother and sister were acting lazy and grumpy, Zakir and I took Bilal (and Atlas) for an outing at the Adventure Park, about a twenty minute drive from home.

We learned that pets aren't allowed in the play area, so Zakir kept him outside the fence, as they watched Bilal play.

First he tried out the spider web climbing frame and slide. It took a bit of getting used to.

But once he figured out the technique to climb, he was up and down in a flash!

After the slide he had a try at the water roller. He didn't do too well, and gave up after just a couple of minutes.

But it was fun to have a try!

After spending some time there we took Atlas to the dog park for a little while. But honestly it was too hot, and we didn't last long there! Maybe we'll wait for cooler weather before we head back.


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