Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ramadan update, and Day 4 of our cruise

The month of Ramadan has been flying by. We have been busy with early morning meals, late dinners, plus lots of prayers and visits to the mosque. It is hard to believe that in less than a week this blessed month will be coming to an end. I am hoping that some of the positive actions that we all have been practicing this month will translate into ongoing better lifestyle habits in general. After all, that is one of the purposes of this month. I myself, haven't turned on the TV a single time this month, and probably haven't watched more than 2-3 hours of TV in the past three weeks. That is quite a difference from the 2+ hours every evening that I have been used to. Honestly, I haven't really missed it, because my focus has been on other things. And that is also my looooong excuse for not keeping this blog up to date!

Day four of our Bahamas cruise was spent lazily sailing around some islands. A lot of just staring out at the ocean, lazing in the cabin, reading books and exploring the ship. There is definitely a lot going on on board all the time, if you just venture out.

We took the kids (minus Hamza, who always seemed to be off with friends), and went to the top deck to play mini golf.

You'd think Safa had one the US Open!

When we returned to the cabin for a short while, we saw the beds made up like this:

It's the small things that made the cruise so pleasant. The housekeeping staff were so considerate, they even took care of the stuffed critters! That is Bear and Duggles, having a little nap and enjoying the cruise.

In the evening, the kids wanted to dress up, for no particular reason, except that they wanted to dress up! I think Hamza is now at least 4 inches taller than his sister! Love their Fedoras!

And in the evening, another touch of hospitality greeted us in the room. Cute!

Safa and I spent a lot of time attending a variety of shows, from dancing, to game shows, to stand up comedy. Zakir and Bilal joined in when they wanted to. Hamza mostly stayed gone, often until after midnight. I know he had fun!

We sailed overnight and docked back in Port Canaveral the next morning.


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