Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My son, the budding chef

My fifteen year old, who incidentally also had his first driving lesson today, decided to make dinner tonight. It worked perfectly, since I was scheduled to work late, and it spared Zakir from trying to figure out what to cook. In fact, it gave me the chance to have a little rest when I came home from work for a change.

Earlier in the day, his sister took him shopping to buy the groceries he needed. The recipe he selected was chicken fettucini alfredo. And he actually made the alfredo sauce from scratch! I don't think I've ever made alfredo sauce from scratch myself. With minimal guidance from me, mostly about how to cook the chicken (one thing we certainly don't want is undercooked chicken!), the meal was prepared and served in less than an hour.

Delicious, but very rich! We all agreed it could have done with a little more garlic, but then, we're big on garlic in our house! A little tweaking and the recipe could become a hit, for sure. Thank goodness at least on of my kids enjoys being in the kitchen. Hamza may have one lucky wife some day!


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