Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 3 of our cruise: Nassau

Get ready for photo overload! On day 3 of our cruise, we were already in port at Nassau when we awoke in the morning.
Nassau is the national capital, and this is where the parliament is located. All the government buildings here are pink. And quite a bright shade of pink!

 The Government House, with a statue of Christopher Columbus up front:

 This is similar to a mask you would see people wearing during Junkanoo, a Bahamian festival:

We stopped for a brief visit at Fort Charlotte.

Then we headed to Ardastra Gardens and Zoo. This gardens are famous for their flamingos. Here is the gang waiting for the flamingo show:

And here they come, beautiful birds! And so well trained!

Zakir had the chance to come a little closer to them.

And his rather feeble flamingo impersonation:

Though they were the stars of the show, they definitely weren't the only visit worthy animals around. After the flamingo show we got up close and personal with some other brightly colored birds.

It was quite a delight to feed them thin slivers of apple.

It would have been much more pleasant if it wasn't so humid, but we were told that July and august tends to be worse!

On the way back we stopped in town to do some shopping and take in some more sights.

After that, we headed back to the ship for a break. I think the pace of the cruise was perfect for us; just enough structured activities, to allow for plenty of time to veg too! The evenings were filled with variety and stand up comedy shows. Hamza made more friends than I've ever seen him make; he was always off, swimming with other kids his age, eating pizza and ice cream late at night, and just hanging out. The key to him socializing: take away his internet, hah! Bilal enjoyed a lot of activities that were planned for his age group, and even ate at Camp Carnival a few evenings, but he did most of his activities with us. The ship left Nassau at 5pm, headed for a day of just cruising.


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