Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 2 of our cruise: Freeport

After a peaceful night on board the Carnival Sensation, we docked in Freeport early in the morning. We had activities planned for the day, so we ate breakfast and disembarked, to join our tour. On the agenda today: Dolphin Encounter

First, there was a brief bus ride, before we reached the location where a boat would take us out to where the dolphins were.

The water was a gorgeous shade of turquoise.

We came close up to a famous pirate ship, that has been used in a few movies.

Our first glimpse of a dolphin:

We all had the opportunity to get into the water with the dolphins and pet them.

That was a very memorable experience!

On the way back our guide took the scenic route, so that we could enjoy more of the ocean.
And Hamza had the chance to steer the boat for a little while.

After the boat ride and the dolphin encounter, bus driver took us back to the cruise ship, but not before sharing some interesting information about the islands. There are about 700 islands, and only 30 of them are inhabited. English is the official language, but with an influx of people from different origins, Spanish and French are now taught in high schools. Every school (whether public or private), requires that students wear a uniform. And this gorgeous red flaming tree is the Royal Poinciana:

In the evening we ate in the dining hall, instead of one of the buffets.

And then we cruised overnight to arrive at another port next morning. So far, a great experience.


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